A Star Wars Jedi Robe is Versatile,

Easy to Wear and Comfortable.

Being a Jedi meant being many things at once and with that came many responsibilities.


Sounds daunting, but whatever the outcome,

you would want to wear a Star Wars Jedi robe.

Star Wars Jedi robe deluxe costume


Whatever Jedi mission you are on, you will want to wear this floor length dark brown super deluxe Star Wars Jedi robe.

Customers have commented that at 6’4″, it was just long enough – so be warned if you are over that height.

You will only get the Jedi robe so you will need something to wear underneath, such as the Luke Skywalker Jedi costume.

The lightsaber is not included, but if you really want to go the whole way, get this official reproduction Yoda FX lightsaber with motion sensors, light and sound effect.

It is not cheap, but you will be the most authentic looking Jedi Master with the super deluxe Star Wars Jedi robe and an actually reproduction of Yoda’s light saber from the movies.

May the force be with your wallet! :)


Star Wars Jedi robe super deluxe child costume


No Jedi Master is complete without his promising Padawan or his newly qualified Jedi Knight.

And as his apprentice, you have to look the part. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery! (Just have to be a bit subtle about it and not upset the Jedi Code).

This very well made super deluxe child Star Wars Jedi robe is designed and cut just the way it should be – with wide hood, flair sleeves and floor length robe in a dark brown color.

Just like the Master’s!

Customers have commented that it can run a little big and a medium would fit a regular size 7-8 boy.

Again, this is the robe only so you will need to make provisions for what to wear underneath. Take a look at this child Luke Skywalker costume and a (much cheaper) blue lightsaber.

Many Jedi were generalists or Jedi sentinels, where they were the balancing force between the guardians and the consular, the two extremes. They had knowledge of the Force, combat skills as well as exceptional non combat skills such as computers and medicine.

A Jedi Master would have one apprentice, a Padawan and through their great understanding of the Force, train and educate the Padawan to the level of becoming a Jedi knight. But first, they will have to go through “the trials”, namely the four trials of flesh, courage, skill and self.

The Jedi would spend his life becoming one with the Force so that he or she can manipulate it as an extension of themselves. Remember that when you wear your Star Wars Jedi robe and have a great time!

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